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All characters are listed in there, you can browse around and see that this was only a change for the best :)
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3 Halloween Soft Kritures

Hi again!
I've made 3 exclusive soft Kritures for this Halloween. Tomorrow I will put the third one on the etsy store Yay!

Website's almost up!


Hello there!

Portuguese only! :)
Vou dar dois workshops na casa da esquina, um de ilustração com IllustratorCS4 e Photoshop CS4, e outro com ToonBoom Studio 5

A informação detalhada com o programa dos workshops, exemplos e preço está disponível no site da Casa da Esquina, que podem aceder aqui e aqui.
Estes workshops podem não ocorrer se o número mínimo de participantes não for atingido.

Se participarem posso garantir que vão com uns truques novos na manga para os vossos projectos :D

Self Portrait

Hello! I wanted to have some time to start illustrating again because I miss it. I wanted to make something that I thought that was challenging, so I did this. Why my freaking face? Well its not easy at all to be self aware of your face and painting a face is not easy too. Besides I tend to mess up the grey shades, and then need to correct them, then I get bored.

In other news, I've been making polls and questions for you to vote and help me to make a Soft Kriture based on your voting. So jump to facebook and vote there :)

Giveaway Contest

We have finally went over 700 likes on facebook, so as I told you, I'm going to throw a contest and the winner will receive a pack of stickers signed by me. You can see how they will come to you in here

Remember you need to like kriture on facebook first. Click here =)

1- The contest will be officially  open when I change the status on kriture facebook page to "Contest open! - If a living Kriture pet lived with you, what habits would distinguish him from an usual domestic pet " with a link directing to this page to show the rules to the ones that didn't read them yet. 

2- To enter the contest you need to leave a creative response in the facebook topic and instead of a sentence you can also make an illustration if you prefer :)

3- It will be open in 3 hours or so, and the contest will be closed on 17-April-2011 around 13p.m Lisbon Time. Any entry after this time will not be valid. All people around the world can participate, as long as you are a fan of Kriture in the facebook page.

4 - A little tip: Read the about area in this blog so you can inspire yourself with the concept of a Kriture and make people laugh.

5 - When the contest ends, I will tell you who the winner is, contact him, and hope the winner sends me an email to with an address and a name.

Good luck!

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