What is Kriture?

A Kriture is an idea which is stored in a box by a girl, in a dark room. She stored so many of them, that life was created out of those ideas!

Fauna and Flora born for the first time in a surreal world of Kriture, its like going back 2 billion years ago, but in another place.

But they don't want to be closed in that box, because they know that our world exists out of it.

They will try everything to climb the Surreal Box without edges, they will grow and develop new ways to get out, and just like us, their body will change to that purpose. New kritures and objects will fall from the sky, and they will understand how to use them, know more about their environment and how to survive.

Among all Kritures, one of them is considered the Leader. Because he is smarter, and knows how to blog. This blog, is written by him so you can read chapters of a growing civilization like a book in first person! 
When you see a blue footprint below a post, it was him!
If you see a signature, that was me, and the post will be apart of their history.

Meet Kriture, the world with boxed ideas

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IrynaHamilton said...

Looks and sounds like a fun!! Cool!

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