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Mistry Sleurs, from Belgium, Europe, has catched my attention. She has a unique project named 99feelings. The project is about 99 separate sculptures that reflect different emotions, they are 8cm or 3,15 inches in hight. 

Mitsy used the shape of a babushka doll as the blank canvas for her imagination. Then added adorns that reflect emotions, what is very cool is the fact that even bad emotions seem to be nice, and their simplicity speaks beauty. When I first saw these pieces I thought they might be nice for blind people, because they have more accurate sense of touch then us, maybe they whould have a different experience then us.

You can see all of them at her flickr

Hello! I'm very happy to announce that kriture fan page on facebook with only 2 weeks of existence, has gathered around 199 friends! I will make a give away to a random fan when we arrive to 300!

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First Rescue

We started our journey two days ago. How do we count days? Well, we don't use a clock yet, but I have wireless internet, so yeah, that's how.

Surprise for you!

Kriture world does not have holidays yet,  but we do! And because its time to think about each other, you should also think about the tiny creatures that are living inside a box without conditions, and want to come out, have a new home and live freely.

How to get your surprise:

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Here is a peek:

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