First Rescue

We started our journey two days ago. How do we count days? Well, we don't use a clock yet, but I have wireless internet, so yeah, that's how.

We started to get Dodo after the "cataclysm", the way he talks was driving me crazy, he was panicking from being stuck and alone all this time.

Then we remembered to save Hector, by going to the half of the puddle that was away from him, grabbed all the mud that we could, and we threw it to the other half of the puddle where Hector was. This was actually our first rescue mission, since Hector could die from dehydration! After this, we left him behind because he has squishy and small tentacles that are useless out of water, and anyways, he can't leave the puddle.
Then, me, Furzz, Beevs, Dodo and started to search for other kritures, some of the missing ones, like Glanell, are essential to our survival. It's not the best crew, since the only capable of helping is Furzz. Dodo seems brainless and Beevs is always too bored to do anything at all.

When we had no way to climb the high ground gaps, Furzz helped, he is really agile! We were amazed to see tree sprouts between the gaps! Since we don't have trees yet, Beevs and Furzz suddenly got crazy because they are xylophagous, they eat wood, and those sprouts could mean new food for them!

We didn't had a weird encounter with unknown stuff yet, we just got to this nice place where we'll stay for the night, and I really hope this piece of land doesn't move while we're sleeping. Cya in two days.

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