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Hello there!

Kriture has now a youtube account and there will be uploaded stuff like process videos about illustration, craft, resin casting and others.
I will make videos with some regularity since the official website is almost up :)

Here it is! Feel free to subscribe
Kriture on Youtube

Christmas Pack

This December the shop will have a listing just for this awesome pack.

Resin Kriture - You choose the one you want between all that are available in the store
A pack of stickers #1 
Keychain - You can choose which.
A ring OR a Necklace - You can choose which, and the design for the necklace.

Usually this would cost you around 40$ plus shipping, but with this pack you save up to 10$, so  if you buy this pack this December, you could have many of your gift problems solved :)

They will be shipped in a box exactly like the pictures shows, and every item will be packed individually like in the pics. The box is always wrapped in a nice gift paper, and the Figure have always appropriate conditions so it doesn't brake. 

Grab it and see more pics and detailed info at:

Pikki & Kippi the Kritures

Name: Pikki & Kippi
What I do: Look for high places to play
Task: Train with others for a possible escape
Likes: To play badminton
Body: Lightweight, small, dark skin and fleshy red lips
Ability: Good jumper
Food: Plants

They do everything together and usually Kippi carries Pikki above, he doesn't mind because he knows Kippi would do the same for him, this is called totem behavior.
These two athletic Kritures, since the day they have found racquets, they know that they were meant to play badminton. The problem is that one of them is a lefty and other one is a right hander, so one of them have a huge tendency to loose games. This is a good way to know who's who when both are on the ground.

Resin Update

Hello there :)

As has been asked, here's some eye candy of the new resin Kritures. When my stock of clay kritures is over, it's official, all collection will be made of resin :).

For those who have the possibility to see Kriture at Mercado Quebra Costas (Coimbra) this Saturday (9 Oct) they will can purchase them there.
I need some time to finish the whole collection and take new pics so they can always be accurate to the original figure. Until then, my online store will have only the Kritures that I still have on clay, so if you require one of them already in resin, contact me at (, but please note that they are not as good as I want them yet.

Winner announced

The contest is closed and I've picked up the winner, who has amazed me with an animal from our dear planet earth!

I received some curious animals, and I say curious because they seem like a mix between several known animals, which is good for this contest. 
I did know most of them, so I searched them on youtube to see the way they move and know more about them.
Some of them are very creepy, but I appreciate the individuality of each and everyone of them =D

A thing I like, is exotic animals that we could actually own and have one at our home. I really wanted to adopt an animal, but it needed him to live only in my room, because I have a bad bad cat living in the house. But it's for the best not having one because I do play a lot with toxic stuff :x

Why nobody posted birds? Birds are cool! :)
Anyway, I really love sea creatures, they really are a good source of inspiration, there were only two posts with animals that lived in water, so I picked the one I didn't knew that is.. tan tan tan!

The Leafy Sea Dragon!

I really like Sea Dragons, I didn't knew they could have these forms o.o

Of course I love Axolots, Red Pandas and Loris among others posted, but I already fell in love with them for the first time a long time ago =) 

I leave you with a nice video about them below :)

Kriture reached 600 fans on Facebook!

Hello! :)
I've been busy doing the little creatures in resin. Its been troublesome sometimes for some of them, so i've been neglecting the blog a bit to get me some extra time, sorry ^^;

So Kriture reached 600 fans on facebook, so as I promised there will be a giveaway!
Remember you need to be a fan on facebook first. Click here =)

You can choose between these three lovely kritures (click on the link to get more info and images)



1- The contest will be open when I change the status on kriture fanpage to "Win a Kriture NOW - Contest opened!" with a link directing to this page to show the rules to the ones that didn't read them yet.

2- To enter the contest you need to find an awesome animal from Earth, extinct or not, genetically modified or not, and post the name of the animal with a link to find out more about him in the facebook topic. You can also write down an awesome feature from the animal that you find that will benefict you.

3- You have until the end of the week to participate, the entries will be closed on 1-Feb-2010, 11 pm, any entry after this will not be valid. All people around the world can participate, as long as you are a fan of Kriture in the facebook page.

4 - Doesn't matter if you are the fastest, what matters is whether or not I find your Animal really awesome. It can be visually or depending on his ways of living.

5 - When the contest ends, I will tell you who the winner is, contact him, and hope the winner sends me an email to with his address and the name of the kriture he would like to get :)

I'm really into all kinds of living things on Earth, I get at least 40% of my inpiration from them :) Surprise me!

Rockart Festival & outras notícias

Today's post is just for Portugal ;D

Holá pessoas! Bem vindos a este awesome post.
A Kriture foi convidada para ir ao seu primeiro festival de música Portuguesa, onde também haverá espaço para aqueles que têm a veia artística não musical. Vão lá um monte de bandas conhecidas e bowas :)
Por isso, vão lá, vejam uns concertos, bebam umas cervejas (ou não) e venham fazer-me companhia que nenhum dos meus bichos te vai morder ;)

Site do Festival

Entretanto, no mesmo dia 11, no Mercado Quebra Costas, vão estar presentes a banda Paus!! Começa às 20.00h e eu quero ver, sendo assim, vou ver o concerto e correr para a Curia para ver mais concertos (yeah). Se tudo correr bem estarei também no Mercado Quebra Costas com a Kriture.


Outras notícias extremamente importantes (lol) 

- O site onde coloco os bichos à venda mudou o layout, o que é no mínimo fofinho gosto mais assim.

- Uma menina dos states pediu-me permissão para usar um wallpaper da Kriture para um jogo que ela está a desenvolver para crianças com dificuldades auditivas.

- Sobre a Kriture goes Plastic, tenho o primeira réplica com cor feita. Mas ainda estou a fazer experiências, porque gostava de as ter menos pesadas.

- O site da Kriture ainda está em construção, mas vai ser acabado este ano :)

- Peço imensas desculpas pelo corte da continuidade da história aqui no blog, o projecto é actualmente só desenvolvido por mim, de modo que não tenho tempo para fazer tudo. Faz parte do processo criativo e eu também estou a aprender :)

Random Illustration

I realized I never uploaded doodles, I confess I do not have much time to draw, usually the draws I do are part of final projects. But here you go watercolor meets ink making a explosion of joy I guess.

By the way do you know I also have a life at deviantart? Join me there! :)

There is no much time to get votes, but here is a link where I uploaded an entry to Magnética Magazine of my evolution wallpaper. So if you have a facebook goooooooo "LIKE" it :)

Test #1 Mould Casting

Just posting a quick update :)
Theese are the first casting experiments on a Wittz. They didn't turned out that much bad, considering that the original was a bad and quick sample.
Still need to work on the weight, the smell and color, takes time to find out all these kind of stuff that in the end, you really can't see the effort.

I've started making some prototypes, its very hard to achieve symmetry, and make some parts without showing that it once was made by hand. Yeah a 3D printer could be awesome, if the price for a single Kriture weren't an absurd, and you still need to sandpaper it in the end.
I'm still on testing, so I can't really tell yet what material will I use in the future, depending on the material, I still need to think if a rotocast machine would help, and build one.
There is so much work behind the scenes, you don't have idea! <3

Soft Kritures

A new community of Kritures have been found, these Kritures have fur and appear to be the same species as I am, Merilok.

They told us that they've been here for a long time, but we never saw them.
I asked them to be part of our group, to live near us, because we are building shelters and all, but they prefer to live together as a small community in another area, because their fur can be a pain in the ass if they live in areas like this one. You see, like me they are extremely cold Kritures, the fur is handy to warm us up, so we should live in warm areas, and not in areas that have climatic changes.

But because I have this great job of commanding Kritures, I don't mind living in a place where there are weather changes. Our community needs these changes, so we can all live together.

They seem to be intelligent like me, and they all have nails like Hummo or Glanell! But I don't! They told us the nails are cool to grab stuff, they do pressure on the fingertips, so I presume they need to grab heavy stuff on their daily routines.

Get them and see more pics at:


I am currently working to upgrade Kriture figures. I want them to become unbreakable, and give me the possibility to make perfect replicas. So your money will be worthing more, and we all can be happy :)

I'm very frustrated from the fact that I get children buying Kritures and then they break them :( and 1hour to 1.30hours of work goes doomed, and we all become sad. And Kriture is NOT about sadness at all! :hug:

I'm already on it, so I did a form that enables you to vote for your favorite Kriture, so I can start the process! It's very important for me as this is a hard working and slow process. Sooner or later they will all be made in the same material, but I need to know on wich ones to start :)

So visit the Form and let me know your choice ^^

Activity for children

Do you know a child who aspire to be an artist? No? It's okay because they can also enter this activity :)
I'm currently accepting drawings from children that are 7 years old or less.
The drawing that I will choose will be a canvas for an illustration that I will do based on the outlines created by them.

Antithesis is one of the keywords on Kriture project. The final illustration will be an antithesis between the abstract line art made by a child, and the concise and logic decisions of an adult colorizing it.

The result will be close to something very surreal and unique!
This is an idea that I saw once by Sam Nielson, a suberb illustrator btw, and that I totally felt in love with. Below there is an example:

Okay, rules! :D

1- The drawing should have only one color with outlines use fill only if he thinks it needs :)
2- The theme is obviously the world of kriture. Tell him to think about jungle, plants, mountains,animals etc. OR If you know the history of Kriture, why not spend a little time telling them? Inspiration :D
3- The representation of creatures can be original or can be inspired on the kritupedia.
4- Don't worry if it looks to weird, its suppose to be surreal :)
5- I do prefere environment drawings instead of the exemple above.
6- Send your submissions to with the subject  "My Drawing". The body should have the description by the artist, please use the exact phrases :D

You can send them until 17th July, the owner of the chosen picture will receive a print with the final illustration signed by me :). The illustration will also be credited with the name of the little artist everywhere. So he can be immortalized ;D

Vingle the Filter Creature

Name: Vingle
What I do: Usually I walk around hoping to find weird things to put in my mouth
Task: Filter stuff from anything that's edible
Likes: To have clean feet!
Body: Cold,  a spike in the head, high sensitivity in the upper lip
Ability: Can walk fast for a Kriture who has no legs
Food: Filter Feeder

This guy can filter a particular ingredient from food. From a berry, he can toss out balls of sugar if he wants. He is currently training to do this with objects, but it seems that he cannot yet distinguish rubber from plastic. Has a very strong stomach and can digest very weird things that he finds.

Roteiro B

"O Roteiro B pretende dar a conhecer o lado B de Coimbra: os locais que "fogem" à faceta mais tradicional da cidade mas que se destacam pela originalidade. "

Há uma série de videos que o Rotrieo B realiza sobre as pérolas existentes na Cidade. Um dos vídeos é sobre o Mercado Quebra Costas realizado aqui em Coimbra, o qual tenho a sorte de pertencer ao restrito número de participantes. 

Como tal, sinto-me muito contente e lisonjeada por participar neste mercado, o mundo precisa de originalidade e cor, se os dois combinados fazem alguém sorrir, então a Kriture está a cumprir o seu primeiro objectivo.
Neste mercado tenho oportunidade de ver sorrisos escondidos ou descarados entre olhares para a minha banca, que mesmo quando longínquos fazem-me sentir bem.

A Kriture foi apanhada em acção no vídeo seguinte:

Krawm the kriture

Name: Krawm
What I do: Wait to be fed
Task: Say whatever comes to my mind, because some of my thoughts are really good
Likes: To think
Body: Warm, shiny blue bug head, with a big brain
Ability: Say too much random stuff
Food: Omnivore

Krawm is a Kriture who likes to use his brain, it doesn't mean that he has good ideas, but he can talk for many many hours, and most of the time, nobody listen. He talks so much that sometimes he says something intelligent, and some of those ideas are adopted to create things. He can be considered the first Kriture scientist.
His head is too heavy for him to walk, so he usually sits down, and some Kriture needs to bring him food.

Evolution Wallpaper


I've uploaded the new wallpaper. It's called Evolution, for those who don't know, the making of this wallpaper is in this blog from scratch :)

The poster version is also available, you can see it here is an A2 poster.If you are interested, please contact me.

You can compare your Kriture with this scheme, the more complex the kriture, the more intelligent/useful he is.
I've tried to do something that transmits tranquility, serenity, solitude and makes us feel calm. I've been using the wallpaper on the computer and the poster in the wall and I feel like I was successful at the job :)
Try it out for yourself! :D download it from the downloads section

Bug - Specimen #1,3,5,6

All of these are one of a kind handmade bug brooches

Specimen # 5

Specimen # 1

Specimen # 3

Specimen # 6

Arriving Home

If you remember our last "adventure" you will notice that it's been a while since I've written. Right now we arrived to the place where we live, long story short, meeting Formit wasn't that good. I say this because now, I don't feel safe around Fugjub, who was introduced to us by Formit.

So we followed Formit, always careful, because we didn't knew where we were, but Formit, as always, seemed so happy and with that smiling face of doom.
We arrived to a place with a notorious lack of grass, which is a very uncommon thing around here. There were also some objects that fell from the sky and shrubs with long foliage.

We arrived to Formit's destination, where his friend was waiting... I seriously regret this day. We found a hut that they built together, like if they were married or something. It was full of leaves and soft herbs crossed making a knot between reeds. We never saw that before, that's when I understood that I was in front of two intelligent Kritures, that possibly wanted to fool me.

As soon as Formit's friend saw him, he ran into his arms like a kid missing his mom. That was very weird because this friend is Fugjub, and he has a carnivorous face! It's scary!

When I was introduced, Formit's face and Fugjub's face were an antithesis. One was looking so proud of us, and the other one was totally hating us.

I was scared as hell, and I promptly said that me and my friends wanted to just go home, we didn't want any trouble and we just followed Formit because he said so.
I bet Fugjub was dreaming of us in grilled version at that moment.

Then they both talked for a moment,

...and in the end I was almost forced to carry all their crap to our place. Formit seems to know stuff that we need, and that's why I let them come with us...

And what do we have now? A Kriture who likes to steal food without permission and eat it in a distant place. Damn! The other day, Fugjub was just too lazy to get his own food, so he waited until Glanell arrived with those sweet sweet berries, and "PAW!", he stole them and Lizzle starved.
But at least we have a hut. Well, just Fugjub and Formit sleep there, but Formit said he is going to help us build other kinds of shelters with the objects we've brought. I sure hope so..

Evolution Poster

I know you miss Merilok, but since I'm his creator I think he won't mind if I write some posts here before him :)

Here is the latest poster! It shares some of the features of Kritures during their evolution. This work looks really great on my wall because it has a wide subtle background, it almost looks like the wall has been painted. I have it also as a wallpaper for my desktop and is awesome, makes me feel serene and it looks that all my folders are organized.

Do you think it has potential?

©2009 Kriture | by Márcia Gaudêncio