Name: Lizzle
What I do: Help others getting food
Task: none
Likes: To get sun
Body: green, warm, punky scales!
Ability: run fast
Food: Frugivore

Lizzle is a punky lizard, sometimes a bit crazy to be with, his vision lets him see psychedelic colors, so his specie can't use camouflage, as he cannot simulate true colors.
He always walks away from shadows as he rather to stay in hot areas.

Lizzle has 1.8" width and 3" height.

If you would like to purchase Lizzle and he is not avaiable on Etsy, drop me an email at

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Kristen said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I am sorry it took so long to respond. I am in the process of moving it to wordpress. Etsy has been a lot of work for me. I promote a lot through twitter and facebook. Many people have featured me on their blogs and I have done many giveaways! I hope this year is better for you. I love the monster plushes- very cute!

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