The Triquimoches - Vega Lyrae

I just stumbled upon this store, because she stumbled up on kriture first :)
So yes, hearting other people stores on etsy is a good thing, because you make yourself more visible, and hearting stores that are similar to your store is also a good thing, since both can love each other works, that is what just happened here.

 I love to see silly dumb animals that are colorful and make me laugh, I can wash away my negative toughs for seconds.

Vega Lyrae is from Spain, and has this really recent project named The Triquimoches. And she does a lovely job doing the plushies, she uses really nice fabrics, and they seem to be soft and warm almost like flannel! I looove that because you can stick them against your face and it's comforting and fluffy, I always sleep with these kind of sheets, pajamas and socks.

She has now on sale on her etsy store two kind of Triquimoches, Furry colored man dressed in colorful fabrics, and ... animal monster alike silly cuties :D

I love the way she nailed it, I used to sew furniture for my dolls, and I think she did a good job capturing volumetric forms on her monsters, principally the Carcolitos that are fluffy colorful snail monsters. They are perfect for decorating a room, they have a nice size, and are available on different colors.

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