Resin Update

Hello there :)

As has been asked, here's some eye candy of the new resin Kritures. When my stock of clay kritures is over, it's official, all collection will be made of resin :).

For those who have the possibility to see Kriture at Mercado Quebra Costas (Coimbra) this Saturday (9 Oct) they will can purchase them there.
I need some time to finish the whole collection and take new pics so they can always be accurate to the original figure. Until then, my online store will have only the Kritures that I still have on clay, so if you require one of them already in resin, contact me at (, but please note that they are not as good as I want them yet.

Winner announced

The contest is closed and I've picked up the winner, who has amazed me with an animal from our dear planet earth!

I received some curious animals, and I say curious because they seem like a mix between several known animals, which is good for this contest. 
I did know most of them, so I searched them on youtube to see the way they move and know more about them.
Some of them are very creepy, but I appreciate the individuality of each and everyone of them =D

A thing I like, is exotic animals that we could actually own and have one at our home. I really wanted to adopt an animal, but it needed him to live only in my room, because I have a bad bad cat living in the house. But it's for the best not having one because I do play a lot with toxic stuff :x

Why nobody posted birds? Birds are cool! :)
Anyway, I really love sea creatures, they really are a good source of inspiration, there were only two posts with animals that lived in water, so I picked the one I didn't knew that is.. tan tan tan!

The Leafy Sea Dragon!

I really like Sea Dragons, I didn't knew they could have these forms o.o

Of course I love Axolots, Red Pandas and Loris among others posted, but I already fell in love with them for the first time a long time ago =) 

I leave you with a nice video about them below :)

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