Random Illustration

I realized I never uploaded doodles, I confess I do not have much time to draw, usually the draws I do are part of final projects. But here you go watercolor meets ink making a explosion of joy I guess.

By the way do you know I also have a life at deviantart? Join me there! :) www.darkween.deviantart.com

There is no much time to get votes, but here is a link where I uploaded an entry to Magnética Magazine of my evolution wallpaper. So if you have a facebook goooooooo "LIKE" it :)

Test #1 Mould Casting

Just posting a quick update :)
Theese are the first casting experiments on a Wittz. They didn't turned out that much bad, considering that the original was a bad and quick sample.
Still need to work on the weight, the smell and color, takes time to find out all these kind of stuff that in the end, you really can't see the effort.

I've started making some prototypes, its very hard to achieve symmetry, and make some parts without showing that it once was made by hand. Yeah a 3D printer could be awesome, if the price for a single Kriture weren't an absurd, and you still need to sandpaper it in the end.
I'm still on testing, so I can't really tell yet what material will I use in the future, depending on the material, I still need to think if a rotocast machine would help, and build one.
There is so much work behind the scenes, you don't have idea! <3

Soft Kritures

A new community of Kritures have been found, these Kritures have fur and appear to be the same species as I am, Merilok.

They told us that they've been here for a long time, but we never saw them.
I asked them to be part of our group, to live near us, because we are building shelters and all, but they prefer to live together as a small community in another area, because their fur can be a pain in the ass if they live in areas like this one. You see, like me they are extremely cold Kritures, the fur is handy to warm us up, so we should live in warm areas, and not in areas that have climatic changes.

But because I have this great job of commanding Kritures, I don't mind living in a place where there are weather changes. Our community needs these changes, so we can all live together.

They seem to be intelligent like me, and they all have nails like Hummo or Glanell! But I don't! They told us the nails are cool to grab stuff, they do pressure on the fingertips, so I presume they need to grab heavy stuff on their daily routines.

Get them and see more pics at:


I am currently working to upgrade Kriture figures. I want them to become unbreakable, and give me the possibility to make perfect replicas. So your money will be worthing more, and we all can be happy :)

I'm very frustrated from the fact that I get children buying Kritures and then they break them :( and 1hour to 1.30hours of work goes doomed, and we all become sad. And Kriture is NOT about sadness at all! :hug:

I'm already on it, so I did a form that enables you to vote for your favorite Kriture, so I can start the process! It's very important for me as this is a hard working and slow process. Sooner or later they will all be made in the same material, but I need to know on wich ones to start :)

So visit the Form and let me know your choice ^^

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