I am currently working to upgrade Kriture figures. I want them to become unbreakable, and give me the possibility to make perfect replicas. So your money will be worthing more, and we all can be happy :)

I'm very frustrated from the fact that I get children buying Kritures and then they break them :( and 1hour to 1.30hours of work goes doomed, and we all become sad. And Kriture is NOT about sadness at all! :hug:

I'm already on it, so I did a form that enables you to vote for your favorite Kriture, so I can start the process! It's very important for me as this is a hard working and slow process. Sooner or later they will all be made in the same material, but I need to know on wich ones to start :)

So visit the Form and let me know your choice ^^

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