Activity for children

Do you know a child who aspire to be an artist? No? It's okay because they can also enter this activity :)
I'm currently accepting drawings from children that are 7 years old or less.
The drawing that I will choose will be a canvas for an illustration that I will do based on the outlines created by them.

Antithesis is one of the keywords on Kriture project. The final illustration will be an antithesis between the abstract line art made by a child, and the concise and logic decisions of an adult colorizing it.

The result will be close to something very surreal and unique!
This is an idea that I saw once by Sam Nielson, a suberb illustrator btw, and that I totally felt in love with. Below there is an example:

Okay, rules! :D

1- The drawing should have only one color with outlines use fill only if he thinks it needs :)
2- The theme is obviously the world of kriture. Tell him to think about jungle, plants, mountains,animals etc. OR If you know the history of Kriture, why not spend a little time telling them? Inspiration :D
3- The representation of creatures can be original or can be inspired on the kritupedia.
4- Don't worry if it looks to weird, its suppose to be surreal :)
5- I do prefere environment drawings instead of the exemple above.
6- Send your submissions to with the subject  "My Drawing". The body should have the description by the artist, please use the exact phrases :D

You can send them until 17th July, the owner of the chosen picture will receive a print with the final illustration signed by me :). The illustration will also be credited with the name of the little artist everywhere. So he can be immortalized ;D

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