Evolution Poster

I know you miss Merilok, but since I'm his creator I think he won't mind if I write some posts here before him :)

Here is the latest poster! It shares some of the features of Kritures during their evolution. This work looks really great on my wall because it has a wide subtle background, it almost looks like the wall has been painted. I have it also as a wallpaper for my desktop and is awesome, makes me feel serene and it looks that all my folders are organized.

Do you think it has potential?

Kriture in Coimbra plus fanart!


Kriture is going to be on Mercado Quebra Costas tomorrow in Coimbra, April's 10. Go there and make some friends :D

If it makes no sense to you because you are not living in Portugal, well, I got another news. Kriture received his first fan work.
Relderson picked up Hector and made him a 3d character. You can see the art here. Thank you so much! You can visit his website here

António Pratas made a 3D animation with Glanell, I hope he would like to share it with us some day :)
If you pretend to make any artwork with kriture, please, let me know, because I find it really awesome :D

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