Hello! As said before, here I am caught by surprise with a hidden camera. I was not laughing on purpose, of course, that's narcissism.

Anyway, I will present myself since no one knows neither what I am nor what I do.

I'm Merilock, but I like the Sir first. Only because it has sovereignty appeal.
What I do:
I am the leader of kritures, I got here first, I'm smarter and more beautiful.
I write this blog and command others.
Now that I found a scepter, I know I like to support myself on it and poke people with it.
I think you probably think that I'm a bad guy who beats people up just because I'm black and blue. Allow me to explain:
That fluffy thing, it is not a jacket, (bet you thought it was) its fur, and its black because it absorbs all light energy, therefore, I feel more warm.
My body is not blue, but the body parts that are uncovered by fur are blue because I am an extremely cold being, even in the heat days.
Cocky ,intelligent!
Omnivore, but I prefer herbs.

Merilock is a very cocky kriture, he has an evil side in his heart as you can see. He is the leader of Kritures, and he is the one who writes down the Kriture's blog, because he is the only one who can communicate with us. He is the largest kriture known.

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