Name: Furzz
What I do: I run wildly, from tree to tree, and I live on them too.
Task: Rebuild trees by finding broken branches.
Likes: Climbing trees
Body: Fur on top, warm.
Ability: Agility
Food: Xylophagous

Furzz is one of the five kritures that exists since the world of kriture began. He is very fast when he is on trees, but clumsy when on the floor. He only goes down to pick up fallen branches, and place them where they should be.

Check more pics and grab him at:
If you would like to purchase Furzz and he is not avaiable on Etsy, drop me an email at saveus@kriture.com 

2 comentários:

Fantasy Du said...

Parabéns pelo teu trabalho, ADORO!!!
FURZZ é o meu preferido!!!!!
Bjs, Du

Kriture said...

Obrigado :D
Tem um blog ou assim? Não encontro nada no google :s
Beijinho! :D

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