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Mistry Sleurs, from Belgium, Europe, has catched my attention. She has a unique project named 99feelings. The project is about 99 separate sculptures that reflect different emotions, they are 8cm or 3,15 inches in hight. 

Mitsy used the shape of a babushka doll as the blank canvas for her imagination. Then added adorns that reflect emotions, what is very cool is the fact that even bad emotions seem to be nice, and their simplicity speaks beauty. When I first saw these pieces I thought they might be nice for blind people, because they have more accurate sense of touch then us, maybe they whould have a different experience then us.

You can see all of them at her flickr

Hello! I'm very happy to announce that kriture fan page on facebook with only 2 weeks of existence, has gathered around 199 friends! I will make a give away to a random fan when we arrive to 300!

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First Rescue

We started our journey two days ago. How do we count days? Well, we don't use a clock yet, but I have wireless internet, so yeah, that's how.

Surprise for you!

Kriture world does not have holidays yet,  but we do! And because its time to think about each other, you should also think about the tiny creatures that are living inside a box without conditions, and want to come out, have a new home and live freely.

How to get your surprise:

Buy any Kriture item (direct mail order or from Etsy Store) and you will receive a gift coupon that can contain discounts, free items, etc.  
There are several items avaliable on my etsy store, some of the kritures figures are not currently there, you can access to all by clicking here.
If you want an item that is not currently on my etsy, please contact to make your order.

Please note that your order will arrive within 3 working days for Europe. And 5 working days for the rest of world (max).
I pack the items in a beautiful box, perfect for gifts!

Here is a peek:

Continue to follow the blog of kriture to see a construction of the surreal environment of kriture from scratch where wildlife and botany are born for the first time. Is like going back 2 billion years ago! Fwoo!


Preparation for The Search

We have lost some of our stuff, like the camera i used to take pics with... Some other unknown objects that some of us adore for some reason are missing too. We are gathering some resources to begin our search for those objects and Kritures.

I don't really like to go to strange places... we already did a walk around this world and there was nothing that much interesting to see. But now that there are new gaps, there will be new places to seek, and we are afraid of what we can find. I have learned recently, from google, that there is cannibalism.
We hope we don't find some cannibal, besides, I don't think that we are tasty anyway. We just eat crap, there is not much to choose from.

New landscape

We got lost from each other. Some cracks separated some of us ... and we need each other to live normally. I can see Dodo there, he got stuck on a piece of ground that is now high and far from everyone. He is very confused, and speaks with himself (even if he was speaking to us, we could not understand one bit, his dialect is weeeeeeeird).

urzz also became stuck in a hole, but he is very active and he got immediately out of there. We asked him to help Dodo, but Dodo is too heavy...


Hector had his mud puddle split! Luckily he got half of it to rub on, but if the puddle was small before, now it got smaller, and the other half, will dry, because there is no one there who can mix it. 

You see, Hector's job is to keep the mud puddle wet, maybe it will be needed some time.
In addition, if the pond where Hector lives dries, he may die from dehydration!

This transformation on the ground was very abrupt and it was very dangerous, we still have some kritures lost.

Mountains and Rocks

Its been very hard to keep the updates, because there was a catastrophe in our world!
Im glad i didn't got injured!

At first there was everything ok.

Then it started to shake

and then it broke, and part of it started to move up, opening gaps some times

Then everything stopped, so we slowly looked at lines of the new world, and started to think of all things we got lost.

And we were sad! we liked how the world was, all smooth, without any kind of danger. Who knows what else can emerge from the new sides of edges? NO NO, it can't be! All our collected stuff, all our food, separated from us!

But soon every one forgot of the new dangers and the lost food. Because some of us can not adapt our mental function to normal behavior in logical situations. That's why i call them Stupid.


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Kriture was featured on a post from JENNIFER HUGON HERE

She is from Ohio and is a painter, drawer, do felt stuff, graphic designer and illustrator, etc.

Check her out at

She also have several stores at etsy, my personal favourite:

Filter Pac-Man Ghosts!! Why? well you can't needle a ghost ;)

Necklaces, pins and keychains!

Necklaces, pins and keychains!

It is finally done! After a month, it is done.

I really like how they turned out, because some of them are cute and dumb, other funny and scary.

Some of them are just stupid, to make others laugh :D

I tried some of them just to test people reaction and durability, and it was somewhat as I expected.

Soon I will upload the rest :)

Get them at:


I have been working on some new kriture items that you can use and wear.
Soon you will be surrounded by funny little creatures on your neck, hands, coat, walls, etc. :)

I am very happy to announce that the first sales just started, and I am truly glad that I'm receiving such good references and reviews on kriture.

Thank you very very much!! :D

 I just wished that people stopped thinking that I work as an illustrator for someone else's business named Kriture... I work directly for kriture, since I am the owner hehe.

Escape attempt #1


We just need a flying kriture... apparently, it is not that easy. We were kinda cruel to Lesma.

Hot Hot Hot!

Its pretty sunny here, the bright light shines on everything and makes them shinier. Everybody is feeling lazy, we are not used to have such a bright and hot day.

Glanell is the only one who can't feel the heat. When the weather is hot like this, his body starts to get cold and he gets chilblains, thats why our friend Lizzy is knitting gloves on such a hot day.

At least when the weather is very cold, he's warm, and we can warm ourselves if we stay close.



Name: Glanell
What I do: I like to search for things in the bushes. Maybe something sweet comes up!
Task: Collect supplies for the kritures who can't walk.
Likes: Taste new stuff
Body: Warm and pacific
Ability: Even if he is far away, he can find sweet food only by the smell of it
Food: Palynivore

Glanell is a sweet tooth kriture, he can find good pollen and a very small specie of berries.

Grab him at:
If you would like to purchase Glanell and he is not avaiable on Etsy, drop me an email at

Beevs the Kriture

Name: Beevs
What I do: Wait until there is something to do.
Task: My animal instincts tell me to build a dam. But since we don't have oceans, rivers or lakes yet, I just hit the ground with my tail waiting for something. It's boring.
Likes: I like to chew wood. It's crunchy.
Body: Relaxed, brown and warm/flat strong tail.
Ability: Unknown
Food: Xylophagous

Beevs is one of the five kritures that exists since the world of kriture began. He always seems to be bored, because he actually is.

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