New landscape

We got lost from each other. Some cracks separated some of us ... and we need each other to live normally. I can see Dodo there, he got stuck on a piece of ground that is now high and far from everyone. He is very confused, and speaks with himself (even if he was speaking to us, we could not understand one bit, his dialect is weeeeeeeird).

urzz also became stuck in a hole, but he is very active and he got immediately out of there. We asked him to help Dodo, but Dodo is too heavy...


Hector had his mud puddle split! Luckily he got half of it to rub on, but if the puddle was small before, now it got smaller, and the other half, will dry, because there is no one there who can mix it. 

You see, Hector's job is to keep the mud puddle wet, maybe it will be needed some time.
In addition, if the pond where Hector lives dries, he may die from dehydration!

This transformation on the ground was very abrupt and it was very dangerous, we still have some kritures lost.

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