Krawm the kriture

Name: Krawm
What I do: Wait to be fed
Task: Say whatever comes to my mind, because some of my thoughts are really good
Likes: To think
Body: Warm, shiny blue bug head, with a big brain
Ability: Say too much random stuff
Food: Omnivore

Krawm is a Kriture who likes to use his brain, it doesn't mean that he has good ideas, but he can talk for many many hours, and most of the time, nobody listen. He talks so much that sometimes he says something intelligent, and some of those ideas are adopted to create things. He can be considered the first Kriture scientist.
His head is too heavy for him to walk, so he usually sits down, and some Kriture needs to bring him food.

Evolution Wallpaper


I've uploaded the new wallpaper. It's called Evolution, for those who don't know, the making of this wallpaper is in this blog from scratch :)

The poster version is also available, you can see it here is an A2 poster.If you are interested, please contact me.

You can compare your Kriture with this scheme, the more complex the kriture, the more intelligent/useful he is.
I've tried to do something that transmits tranquility, serenity, solitude and makes us feel calm. I've been using the wallpaper on the computer and the poster in the wall and I feel like I was successful at the job :)
Try it out for yourself! :D download it from the downloads section

Bug - Specimen #1,3,5,6

All of these are one of a kind handmade bug brooches

Specimen # 5

Specimen # 1

Specimen # 3

Specimen # 6

Arriving Home

If you remember our last "adventure" you will notice that it's been a while since I've written. Right now we arrived to the place where we live, long story short, meeting Formit wasn't that good. I say this because now, I don't feel safe around Fugjub, who was introduced to us by Formit.

So we followed Formit, always careful, because we didn't knew where we were, but Formit, as always, seemed so happy and with that smiling face of doom.
We arrived to a place with a notorious lack of grass, which is a very uncommon thing around here. There were also some objects that fell from the sky and shrubs with long foliage.

We arrived to Formit's destination, where his friend was waiting... I seriously regret this day. We found a hut that they built together, like if they were married or something. It was full of leaves and soft herbs crossed making a knot between reeds. We never saw that before, that's when I understood that I was in front of two intelligent Kritures, that possibly wanted to fool me.

As soon as Formit's friend saw him, he ran into his arms like a kid missing his mom. That was very weird because this friend is Fugjub, and he has a carnivorous face! It's scary!

When I was introduced, Formit's face and Fugjub's face were an antithesis. One was looking so proud of us, and the other one was totally hating us.

I was scared as hell, and I promptly said that me and my friends wanted to just go home, we didn't want any trouble and we just followed Formit because he said so.
I bet Fugjub was dreaming of us in grilled version at that moment.

Then they both talked for a moment,

...and in the end I was almost forced to carry all their crap to our place. Formit seems to know stuff that we need, and that's why I let them come with us...

And what do we have now? A Kriture who likes to steal food without permission and eat it in a distant place. Damn! The other day, Fugjub was just too lazy to get his own food, so he waited until Glanell arrived with those sweet sweet berries, and "PAW!", he stole them and Lizzle starved.
But at least we have a hut. Well, just Fugjub and Formit sleep there, but Formit said he is going to help us build other kinds of shelters with the objects we've brought. I sure hope so..

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