Falling Objects

As we were finishing our journey across the new world full of new mountains,

                    Furzz feels something weird, a funny noise coming from above.

Random objects started to fall from the sky. It was literaly raining objects!!!
The girl who lives outside the box must be proud of her imagination, she just found a new way to kill us!!! I don't mind if she make kritures fall into our box, but heavy objects?!

We imediately started to run, and found a place to hide.

As we were trying to avoid a painful death, we saw this weird new kriture named Formit passing by. He was carrying stuff on his back to some place.

             We gained some courage, and called him.

"Psst, green stuff? Can you please help us? What is going on??"

"Sure dude! Don't be afraid, I can help you. But first, I need to get to a friend, we are building something and he's waiting for me!"

We were afraid, because he seems to have more legs than usual, and antennas, maybe it could read our brains, or something. So I asked the others if we could trust him for a while, after all he is also one of us, and I should keep an eye on everything and everyone new around here.

He seemed too nice in the first place, and answered promptly as if he knew something we didn't!
So we decided to follow him, but always keeping an eye on him...


And so we did. We found out that he's perfect 
for bringing junk with us in our journey! He seems to be very strong and confident. Well, a little too much confident. So, just in case, I'm always checking if anything weird happens with him around.

He brought some really big leaves that we have never seen before, and told us to get wrapped inside them.
At first I was like "no way" but he insisted, and said that it would protect us from cold, bugs and some stuff that could fall again from the sky.

I tottaly knew that all he wanted was to eat us up, I mean really? "Wrap yourself up in these leaves, and go to sleep?" He must think I dont know what a Mc Donald's wrapper is.

Tonight we are sleeping all together, and I will hit him with my mighty scepter as soon as he starts to get funny with us. Because I can, and oh I WILL kick ass.
He got this weird fancy hut to sleep, he must think he's so smart or something. I'll punch him in the face! Anyhow, instead of using the leaf, Dodo just started to eat it. God, I need some new friends...

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