First Encounter

Our journey is getting very long and we are very tired, but we have already found Glanell, he has been providing us some food. He can find some delicious berries since he really loves sweet stuff.

We have been camping here and there, trying to bring everything we can with us, but it's getting heavy.

When Furzz was jumping around from gap to gap, he found a strange purple creature between the cracks. He tried to see what was that without being cought but this creature spotted him and started to scream! And we were like "AAAAA" , but then we were like "eeeeeeeew" because he was eating dirt! What a nasty thing to eat! He was disgusting!

For a moment we stared at each other and tried to stay calm. Hummo was his name, he's a pacific kriture, a little too disgusting for some of us, but he told us he could make the air clearer by eating soil. So, I don't care if he eats dirt, we need eco friendly mates in our crew!

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