Name: Glanell
What I do: I like to search for things in the bushes. Maybe something sweet comes up!
Task: Collect supplies for the kritures who can't walk.
Likes: Taste new stuff
Body: Warm and pacific
Ability: Even if he is far away, he can find sweet food only by the smell of it
Food: Palynivore

Glanell is a sweet tooth kriture, he can find good pollen and a very small specie of berries.

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Beevs the Kriture

Name: Beevs
What I do: Wait until there is something to do.
Task: My animal instincts tell me to build a dam. But since we don't have oceans, rivers or lakes yet, I just hit the ground with my tail waiting for something. It's boring.
Likes: I like to chew wood. It's crunchy.
Body: Relaxed, brown and warm/flat strong tail.
Ability: Unknown
Food: Xylophagous

Beevs is one of the five kritures that exists since the world of kriture began. He always seems to be bored, because he actually is.


Name: Hector
What I do: I live in a puddle of mud. I can't walk on terrain, so i don't have an alternative...
Task: Preventing that the puddle dries
Likes: I love when someone visits me. I feel lonely... This puddle is small.
Body: Squishy and orange has green spots on top from dehydration.
Ability: Being small
Food: Whatever falls in the pond that's edible

Hector is one of the five kritures that exists since the world of kriture began. He is a baby omnivore octopus. Hector needs to roll himself in the mud to prevent dehydration.


Name: Boony
What i do: I don't actually know
Task: Be cute?
Likes: Running against the wind! Makes my fur bristle.
Body: Small, pink, warm.
Ability: Cuteness
Food: Herbivore

Boony is one of the five kritures that exists since the world of kriture began. Boony doesn't seem to known much about himself. He likes to stare at others, and chew grass.


Name: Furzz
What I do: I run wildly, from tree to tree, and I live on them too.
Task: Rebuild trees by finding broken branches.
Likes: Climbing trees
Body: Fur on top, warm.
Ability: Agility
Food: Xylophagous

Furzz is one of the five kritures that exists since the world of kriture began. He is very fast when he is on trees, but clumsy when on the floor. He only goes down to pick up fallen branches, and place them where they should be.

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Kritupedia opened

With the new arrivals to the kriture world, we needed a place to sort all kritures. Today is the day that kritupédia is opened. All names and description of fauna and flora will be placed there.


There is some strange stuff going up in the sky. They say they are cold. Since I don't feel much, I need to worry about them.

Wind blows sometimes, which is weird because I don't know where it comes from. I bet the thingy that blows wind is friend to the thingy that gives us light... As soon as I get a kriture that flies, I will go there, and spank them with my mighty screw scepter. What is the wind for?

Source of Light

We have a source of light, its name is not sun, and I didn't gave it a name yet, simply because it may just be the box a little opened.
 I have read about your sun, which is distant from the planet Earth, and warms it.

I think our light source is not far, it might be a thing that flies all day and rests at night. It must be its job, fly all day. It should come down here and take us to the top!
I have to contact it, maybe it has email or something.

As for the heat that goes on during the time of light, I think that's because we live inside a cardboard box... Or its black on the outside, and the generated heat is cooking us up.

 Other kritures say I'm stupid and illogical, but I do know, because I'm in charge.

Tasty Herb

Today, I started writing the encyclopedia of kritures of this box. I will write a little about what we eat around here.

It is a plant, simple, green. Born in three days and dies in five. That is why we still have food.

It is very tasty in comparison with other herbs out there, which are only 5 species. It's sweet at the first tongue touch, but the velvet texture doesn't taste so good and that is why some of us don't like the taste, but the rest of the herbs are awful, and, of course, we eat what tastes better.

We can't eat too much of it because it leaves us with stomach ache. That is an inconvenience for those who have hunger like Beevs. After a meal, he disappears, and goes to a hidden place. He must think we don't know what he does eh.


Hello! As said before, here I am caught by surprise with a hidden camera. I was not laughing on purpose, of course, that's narcissism.

Anyway, I will present myself since no one knows neither what I am nor what I do.

I'm Merilock, but I like the Sir first. Only because it has sovereignty appeal.
What I do:
I am the leader of kritures, I got here first, I'm smarter and more beautiful.
I write this blog and command others.
Now that I found a scepter, I know I like to support myself on it and poke people with it.
I think you probably think that I'm a bad guy who beats people up just because I'm black and blue. Allow me to explain:
That fluffy thing, it is not a jacket, (bet you thought it was) its fur, and its black because it absorbs all light energy, therefore, I feel more warm.
My body is not blue, but the body parts that are uncovered by fur are blue because I am an extremely cold being, even in the heat days.
Cocky ,intelligent!
Omnivore, but I prefer herbs.

Merilock is a very cocky kriture, he has an evil side in his heart as you can see. He is the leader of Kritures, and he is the one who writes down the Kriture's blog, because he is the only one who can communicate with us. He is the largest kriture known.


We found a camera! This ecosystem is developing quickly, We should have a name for everything soon.
 We need to create an encyclopedia, with plants, animals and objects that have fallen. 
I have pointed out notes about our findings, but now with this wonder, I can shoot the kriture in question and become more pro! As soon as I can, I will post here my picture with my mighty scepter.
 See if I make a myspace page for me then.

©2009 Kriture | by Márcia Gaudêncio