Designing Kriture - true story

One day I decided to give a customized paper toy and box to a friend. I had no idea of what was coming out of my head, as usual, I just started creating illustrations for the packaging and let ideas flow. And while I was doing this, I began to imagine all the things those colors reminded me, a fully dimensional world, sound, smell, and all the feelings that I felt right there, created kriture. 
It has happened some times but I was too young to get things done.

As you can see, the idea was pretty fast to get, but the corporate image was not that easy. I had no time, I was in a course directed by the newcomer of the current election of Coimbra, so I sketched molded and folded creatures, logos and names when I could.

The class was always appearing at the city's newspaper, maybe some sketches were immortalized there :D.

So I decided to put it on my portfolio, and I thought it would be nice to share the box, and a true story.


The Beginning

New cover for the first chapter of kriture.

This is the main scenery outside the kriture world, that is how the box and the room looks like.
I found it pretty hard to express myself when I describe this world by words, so this is the best way I got to show you what I mean.

You can see the light sparks flying away from the inside of the box. These sparks appear when an idea drops in.

Outside represents the monochromatic and unknown, inside stands for color and energy inside a new whole world.

Chapter I

the beginning

Odyssey around the Box

We have been walking for some days around this box. It is confirmed that it has no edges. So maybe it is a round box. We spend 5 days walking until we reach the same spot.

There was always the same green grass, until we saw a bush with some juicy stuff hanging, I didn't taste it though, because Dodo was starving and started to eat them all.

As we were trying to reach our main spot, we saw some other equal bushes. The stuff hanging was so good, that we didn't saved any for later. Now that I think about that, we should get there again and bring some to our home spot... because this grass is making me nauseous.

I got a new scepter! I found it near some bitter herbs. It has a long helical body connected to a pin shaped head. It is shinny, grey and unbreakable. I can poke other kritures and also hurt them. It also supports me when I'm walking. I used it a lot in our travel. So far, it is very useful.



3 resolutions available in the pack:


3 resolutions available in the pack:


Warm and Cold
3 resolutions available in the pack:


Name: Wittz
What i do: Observe things
Task: Unknown
Likes: Color
Body: Warm and Cold
Ability: Sing
Food: Palynivore

Wittz arrived today. Falling as usual from the sky, he looks like a penguin I think, and has a nice color. He cannot talk, it has a small brain also. As a good leader I am trying to get him out of here.

Looking for new food

We have been searching for new food, instead of the regular grass we eat. It seems that no new food is around. Luckily, we are all herbivores. Maybe if we pray, more food will fall, I don't think things grow around here. It has to be invented first by her.
Should I invent religion?
Maybe the girl has another girl creating things for the human life?

I'm tired of the friends I have here. They are stupid =( (i just did a smiley!) But new kritures will arrive and i wish they were smarter. Not smarter than me of course, but someone who i can talk to. If you subscribe, i would feel less lonely... SUBSCRIBE!

How it started

Let me introduce myself first, as the leader of kriture. I am the leader of kriture because I am smarter, cuter, and I can blog. yeah!

Our story started when I woke up inside an empty and dark box. It was added a blue sky, clouds, grass, and the edges and corners became a wide world that seems to have no end.
The sky horizon has now a yellow gradient. 

I can hear a girl outside our world, and I know that when she starts the process of creative thinking, babbling, writing, drawing, disasters happens!

Things start falling from the sky! Our normal clouds got holes, because of all things that had fallen!

Some things are just objects that I cant understand, others, are botanic or fauna, just like me. The only one good thing that was created, was a computer. And I use it, and her wireless internet service, to keep an online diary of what is happening here.
To tell everyone that this girl, is keeping us away from our rights, and trapping us in a cage!

 So I beg you to keep in touch, subscribe and get us out of here!

©2009 Kriture | by Márcia Gaudêncio