Designing Kriture - true story

One day I decided to give a customized paper toy and box to a friend. I had no idea of what was coming out of my head, as usual, I just started creating illustrations for the packaging and let ideas flow. And while I was doing this, I began to imagine all the things those colors reminded me, a fully dimensional world, sound, smell, and all the feelings that I felt right there, created kriture. 
It has happened some times but I was too young to get things done.

As you can see, the idea was pretty fast to get, but the corporate image was not that easy. I had no time, I was in a course directed by the newcomer of the current election of Coimbra, so I sketched molded and folded creatures, logos and names when I could.

The class was always appearing at the city's newspaper, maybe some sketches were immortalized there :D.

So I decided to put it on my portfolio, and I thought it would be nice to share the box, and a true story.


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António Pratas said...

The "real" box is even cooler than the mockup you got there ;) Great work

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