Odyssey around the Box

We have been walking for some days around this box. It is confirmed that it has no edges. So maybe it is a round box. We spend 5 days walking until we reach the same spot.

There was always the same green grass, until we saw a bush with some juicy stuff hanging, I didn't taste it though, because Dodo was starving and started to eat them all.

As we were trying to reach our main spot, we saw some other equal bushes. The stuff hanging was so good, that we didn't saved any for later. Now that I think about that, we should get there again and bring some to our home spot... because this grass is making me nauseous.

I got a new scepter! I found it near some bitter herbs. It has a long helical body connected to a pin shaped head. It is shinny, grey and unbreakable. I can poke other kritures and also hurt them. It also supports me when I'm walking. I used it a lot in our travel. So far, it is very useful.

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