How it started

Let me introduce myself first, as the leader of kriture. I am the leader of kriture because I am smarter, cuter, and I can blog. yeah!

Our story started when I woke up inside an empty and dark box. It was added a blue sky, clouds, grass, and the edges and corners became a wide world that seems to have no end.
The sky horizon has now a yellow gradient. 

I can hear a girl outside our world, and I know that when she starts the process of creative thinking, babbling, writing, drawing, disasters happens!

Things start falling from the sky! Our normal clouds got holes, because of all things that had fallen!

Some things are just objects that I cant understand, others, are botanic or fauna, just like me. The only one good thing that was created, was a computer. And I use it, and her wireless internet service, to keep an online diary of what is happening here.
To tell everyone that this girl, is keeping us away from our rights, and trapping us in a cage!

 So I beg you to keep in touch, subscribe and get us out of here!

2 comentários:

Feitos para lembrar said...

Sem duvida alguma sou fa do seu trabalho,ficomuito feliz q lembres de mim do deviantart. Eunaoentendo muito bemcomo esses blogs funcionam estou aprendendo aos poucos.Mas eu ja subscribe seu outro blog, quero muito acompanhar vc. Um abraço!

Kriture said...

OH.. obrigado =D
Isto é giro é ir lendo como as coisas se vão desenvolver, gostava de ter mais pessoas a seguir >.<
Claro que lembro, tens muito jeito pra coisa :D

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