Poster in progress #2

Hello, here is what I did so far. Sometimes I get bored doing digital painting, but I get more bored if I paint by hand, but im not lazy!

Emaios the creature

Name: Emaios
What I do: Hang around
Task: Smell weather
Likes: His friend dodo
Body: Yellow, tribal
Ability: Hide near flowers
Food: Granivore

Emaios can feel if the weather is going to be rough or sunny a day before it happens. He is the only one who seems to understand Dodo's language.

Adopt him and his firends!

Wrapping kritures

Today I had to wrap Hector and send him by mail, and I took some pics to share with you the process.
This is really hard, besides time, it requires loads of love, it's really exhaustive and it dries my heart every time!

Poster in progress #1

Here's something different :)

I'm working on a poster, introducing the evolution of kriture trough time. You'll be able to know if your kriture is smart or dumb as a doorknob. I'll be updating you with the progress ^^

Patch Together - Fugjub the creature

Hello there!
Our facebook contest winner was Elsa Bitterswet, and she has chosen Boony! He's very happy to get a new home! Congratulations!

I have recently added Fugjub on Patch Toghether so people can vote on him to became a vinyl toy. Among all kritures I think he suits best in the world of vinyl toys. What do you think? :)

You can have him before on my etsy, but if you would like to grab him but you can't for some reason, why don't you support this project by voting there? :)
Your vote counts and I will be very happy to see your opinion expressed by votes, (I would be even more glad to read comments, it's more personal )

Here is he, waiting for your vote ^^

Kriture reached 300 fans on Facebook!

Hello there! First of all I'm very happy to have reached 300 fans on facebook in about two months. Thanks to everyone who helped to suggest friends :D
And now, the time to win a free kriture has arrived, so I will write here some rules to make your participation valid :)
You can choose between these three kritures:

Click each pic to meet them!

1 - I will send you a message from Kriture fanpage reminding you to stay tuned to the next status change on the page, you can access to it by entering in your inbox/updates.

2 - I will change the status to "I want a free Kriture!" When you see this, you need to comment. You are just allowed to make one comment, otherwise, you are cheating :) and your comments will not be valid.

3 - Comment as soon as you can, because when the time is up, a comment by Kriture will be made, closing the "contest". All comments submitted after this one will not be valid.

4 - I will generate a random number at between 1 and the number of comments on that thread.

5 - If the number matches your comment position, then you are the winner :D I will announce the winner. If you are the winner, just send a message to with your address and the name of the kriture you would like to get :)
If you didn't, don't be sad, because there will be more ways to get one for free. I mean it ;)

Chanossala the four legged cute long necked brown creature

Name: Chanossala
What I do: Warm myself by rolling on mud
Task: Mix mud puddles
Likes: To stay in low areas
Body: Four legs, long neck, tribal stripes
Ability: Unknown
Food: Folivore

Chanossala was found near ground gaps. She likes to be near wet dirt and foliage, rarely goes out of a shadow when there's grass underneath. Her body is sparkely because mud nutrients stay on her body when she rolls on it.

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