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Is my pleasure to announce that Formit has made into http://musthavecute.com/vote/page/2/

Cheez Burguer is the owner of the site, and owner of such webstes like lolcats,  FAILblog or EpicWinFTW. It also owns a couple of websites for cuteness.

Go there and vote for him, so he can become an awesome icon of cuteness! :D

Bug - Specimen #2

This is an OOAK brooch kriture bug, specimen nr 2.


Click on the etsy link to see more pics and more detail! :D

Bug - Specimen #4

The first specimen of kriture bugs has been found!
This is an OOAK brooch kriture bug, specimen nr 4.

Click on the etsy link to see more pics and more detail! :D

Introducing Kriture bugs

Today I will introduce you to Kriture Bugs

In Kriture's world, bugs are obsessed with vanity, they need to feel pretty, and unique.
Each one goes on a search to find jewels and shiny substances to cover their body. The older they get, more classy they become.
They are very competitive, and each have their own secret places to find shiny beads to look absolutely stunning.
They can be found near places with hot colors on the ground, and they are rare to find, an live on the first layer of the Kriture world. All kritures that I had presented live on the second layer, there is where the sky can be seen.

The studs protect them from being eaten and gives them good camouflage.

Stickers pack #1!

Hello! Today I present you with the first pack of kriture stickers! They are full of colors, teeth, fur, ears, cuteness and silliness. Best of all is that they are big, and make you smile :D The biggest is Hummo with 3.9" height (10cm), 3"(7,5cm). 

This pack features WittzHummoFugjubMerilockFormit and the sixth one is randomly chosen and its not identical to those already in the pack. Some packs include discount coupons.

Imagine what you could do with those! Stick them into your wardrobe, in your doors, in your table, in your laptop, in the streets, in your school book, in a background made by you! 
But I think Hummo will be just perfect into your toilet seat, he practices Geophagy, but... xD

Poster in progress #3

I think I have never mentioned, but I hate blogspot, even thought I have been using it since forever. It doesn't let me place things right, it does not display pics at original size sometimes, like this one, and messes up resolutions :| I'm dying to upload the new website =|

This illustration is almost done :) I intend to print it this week and some other kriture goodies ;D

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