Surprise for you!

Kriture world does not have holidays yet,  but we do! And because its time to think about each other, you should also think about the tiny creatures that are living inside a box without conditions, and want to come out, have a new home and live freely.

How to get your surprise:

Buy any Kriture item (direct mail order or from Etsy Store) and you will receive a gift coupon that can contain discounts, free items, etc.  
There are several items avaliable on my etsy store, some of the kritures figures are not currently there, you can access to all by clicking here.
If you want an item that is not currently on my etsy, please contact to make your order.

Please note that your order will arrive within 3 working days for Europe. And 5 working days for the rest of world (max).
I pack the items in a beautiful box, perfect for gifts!

Here is a peek:

Continue to follow the blog of kriture to see a construction of the surreal environment of kriture from scratch where wildlife and botany are born for the first time. Is like going back 2 billion years ago! Fwoo!


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