Soft Kritures

A new community of Kritures have been found, these Kritures have fur and appear to be the same species as I am, Merilok.

They told us that they've been here for a long time, but we never saw them.
I asked them to be part of our group, to live near us, because we are building shelters and all, but they prefer to live together as a small community in another area, because their fur can be a pain in the ass if they live in areas like this one. You see, like me they are extremely cold Kritures, the fur is handy to warm us up, so we should live in warm areas, and not in areas that have climatic changes.

But because I have this great job of commanding Kritures, I don't mind living in a place where there are weather changes. Our community needs these changes, so we can all live together.

They seem to be intelligent like me, and they all have nails like Hummo or Glanell! But I don't! They told us the nails are cool to grab stuff, they do pressure on the fingertips, so I presume they need to grab heavy stuff on their daily routines.

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